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So funny

Its funny how people can be such losers. I was looking for some interesting communites and fiound one were all this people are like, "OMG liek, that is sooo mainstream, ewww. Mainstream people are posseerrs!" First thing the people that dont listen to music just because its on MTV are effin ignorant idiots!! Its soo freaking funny!!! And I also hate people that call other people posers. The only time I think anyone has the validity to call someone a poser if someone is a blonde prep chick etc that says, "Im so Punk!" and is serious. If you dress in Punk clothing etc how the hell are you a poser, if you like the clothes why not wear it. I didnt know punks were so vain as to care so much about their clothing.

Behind the cut is my "punk" rant.

I mean arent punks supposed to be badass rockers err something, and they are bitching cause someone is wearing a spike bracelet, thats so fucking retarded and quite ironic. My friend has this friend that hates posers and she was coming to a party and I wanted to wear a Britney Spears shirt with some spikes and a tie and on my hand write "Like OMG Im sooo PUNK!!" Man that would have been the greatest!! Im just so fucking tired of moody emo/punk/goth people who do nothing but bitch and moan about everything in the world.....get a life. I will end this "rant" with a quote from Amy Lee from Evansecense on a radio interview.

"It makes me sick that the sun is out, The sun is so disgusting."

Oh Oh and wait here is another!!

"My favorite color is black or deep purple, so deep that it is almost black. I hate all the bright disgusting colors of this bright disgusting world."

Ok to that, WTF you stupid bitch. Have I not seen you wear a frilly little pink dress and pink earring before?? Hmmmm its just so wonderful to bash a stupid fucking hypocrite.
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